Remote View

Get a full view on the items you have stocked at your pantry, fridge or closet. This includes information about the products (sizes, brands, tastes) but also nutrition facts, amounts and many more.

Get Expiry Dates

Know when the products you love will be expired or run out. Just in time for the replenishment.

Food Tracking

Automatically track the consumption of your items and get a feeling of the usage of every single product.

Voice recognition

Use latest technology to interact with Pantry. We have a full integration of Amazon Alexa to enable your personal replenishment concierge.

Compile Order Lists

Order lists are compiled when recurring items are running out. You will never run out of milk again!

Get Notifications

Receive instant notifications when new orders are created, the delivery is on its way or you get recommendations.

Grocery Marketplace

The order lists could be released on the marketplace where all online grocery and drugstore shops are attached. Benefit from a full price transparency in one user interface.

Home Delivery

Our partners deliver your purchase directly to your home and the products are added to your digital home stock.

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